Sunday 18 July 2010

Puppy Playpen

There are many uses for Puppy Playpens, if you have a playful addition to the family and don’t want him or her getting into trouble then a Puppy Pen can be the perfect place to put your new friend to keep him out of trouble. A Puppy Playpen can also provide somewhere for the animal to go and sleep or just rest when the day has become too much it is a good idea to have somewhere for your dog to go when they have had enough of being stroked patted or even prodded by a youngster. Also when you have visitors a cage can provide the perfect place to keep you puppy so that it all doesn’t become too much for him, young dogs can get very stressed when there is suddenly lots of people that aren’t normally in the house suddenly appear with lots of strange smells and noises it can understandably be quite unnerving or even scary for the animal.

If you have lots of furniture that is easily chewed, like leather sofas, wooden dining chairs or even stools then it is in all probability a good idea to invest in a Puppy Playpen for your dog. Otherwise you may live to regret it after all it is in most young dogs natures to chew everything they can lay their eyes on, one deterrent is to provide plenty of chew toys or chew sweets to keep them preoccupied on destroying them rather than your expensive furniture. When bringing a new dog home a Puppy Pen can provide a place of safety and security because the animal will more than likely be scared of being taken away from the security of its home to its new place of residence, this will from the start show the puppy its crate is a safe place and that is where to go when it feels unsure of its surroundings. To help your new family member fit right in you could pad the pen with lots of comfy materials like a few cushions even a cover of some sort if you have one spare this will encourage the dog to go to sleep and relax around their new surroundings, don’t forget though to let it out on regular intervals otherwise there will probably be an accident meaning all you hard work of making the crate comfy would have gone to waste.

The typical Puppy Playpen is made of a plastic base and metal bars on the outside, there have been a few different designs over the years as the demand has grown but the majority follow the same basic principle the main reason for this is simple, it works so why change it for something that doesn’t work quite as well or in some cases not at all. One thing that has worked well is the option on certain pens for two doors, the doors are simply hinged parts of the bars that can swing normally outwards and have a latch for closing certain designs have two doors this can be very helpful if the one door is facing a wall because you can still use the Puppy Pen just fine with the other door. It would be a bad idea to ever lock the dog in the cage for obvious reasons, such as losing the key or if you needed to get them out quickly for some reason it would make it difficult. There are a few cages that are specifically made to look good for those owners that think a metal bared cage is a bit of an eyesore but naturally this sort of thing will cost more.

A Puppy Playpen can also be a useful training tool; it can help with things like toilet training and general training as well or even somewhere to send your dog to get them out the way when you need some space. Try never to use it as a punishment though because as with the many different Puppy Pens it should be a place of safety and not punishment otherwise it will be a confusing message for your dog. Sometimes people want their dog to grow out of there pen and no longer need it some dogs do as they get older some don’t it is all very much dependant on the dog and not the owner, never push a dog towards not needing a safe place like a pen because in the long run it could make them unstable and uneasy not to mention unhappy which no one wants for their dog after all it is better on everyone if both the owner and the dog are happy with a healthy environment for both.

Puppy Playpens come in many different sizes mainly because of the reason so do dogs from German Sheppard’s to jack rustles there are lots of perfect Puppy Pens available for both the dogs and the owner’s needs. Small cages are perfect for dogs like terriers, medium sized pens for dogs like collies and large sized pens for Alsatians. It’s a good idea to be sure you have a designated space for the Puppy Playpen it’s no good picking up the puppy and the cage bringing them both home and then realising you have nowhere to put the pen. The larger cages will need more space than the smaller ones and bear in mind the doors there will need to be plenty of space around so they can be easily opened.

Recently there has even been the odd Puppy Exercise Pen appearing on the market these are quite popular because many dog owners realise the importance of a healthy dog and the fact it helps if you get them into the routine of regular exercise when they are young. Don’t forget that it isn’t just about regular exercise to keep a dog healthy the diet is also very important and keeping the mind stimulated. Be sure to take your puppy or dog to the vets every so often to check on their weight they shouldn’t be overweight but being underweight could be just a problem.
There is the perfect Puppy Playpen out there for you it’s just a matter of finding it.